Buying tips

Buying Tips

Airsoft Bazaar is the largest airsoft marketplace in Europe. This means that you have a lot of choices in what you purchase.

At Airsoft Bazaar, we strive to create an easy, enjoyable, and safe trading platform for buying and selling your airsoft items. Fortunately, the Airsoft Community is generally a decent community that practices fair play and fair trade. But unfortunately, there are always exceptions to this rule, and these people try to take advantage of your trust. Scams are combated by Airsoft Bazaar with all possible efforts, for example, through NABV number checks and active page administrators. By thinking logically, you can also prevent a lot of trouble. Keep the following tips in mind when purchasing airsoft goods.

Tip 1: Stay critical!
If something seems too good to be true, it often is. Ask about the origin and the reason for sale and try to get as many purchase proofs as possible.

Tip 2: Always let communication go through Airsoft Bazaar
Let questions, bids, and payments always go through Airsoft Bazaar. This ensures that everything is documented in writing. Without communication or payment via Airsoft Bazaar, we cannot conduct investigations.

Tip 3: Know who you're dealing with
Make sure you have a good idea of who you're dealing with. Look at other ads from the seller and their seller ratings, for example. Check the details on Also, check the buyer/seller via Google, social media, and internet forums. Additionally, airsoft is a sport with many legal rules, so it's not unusual to ask for identification.

Tip 4: Make clear agreements
Choose a place and time where you both feel comfortable. In the case of shipping, ensure you receive photos or videos beforehand showing the condition and proper functioning of the product. Ask for a written note with the name and date on these videos or photos. Always make sure you can test the purchased item before paying when picking it up.

Tip 5: Check goods for authenticity
Especially scopes and clothing can sometimes be counterfeit. Ask this question to the seller. For scopes, ask for a video and serial number of the scope. These can be very expensive products. Serial numbers and videos can often be sent to the manufacturer of the scope, who will then assess their authenticity. For clothing, ask for a photo of the brand, the tag on the inside of the clothing, or the original purchase receipt. If you have doubts about an item, contact us. We have experience in checking the authenticity of scopes and clothing.

Tip 6: If things go wrong
If something does go wrong, try to resolve it amongst yourselves first. Can't work it out? Then send a message as soon as possible. We can try to mediate or block a buyer/seller from our platform.

We also have a special page for sales tips. You can find them here.

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