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Airsoft Bazaar is the largest Airsoft community platform in the Netherlands and Belgium.
Airsoft Bazaar has a very specific target group; Airsofters.

Thousands of unique airsofters visit Airsoft Bazaar every day. In addition, Airsoft Bazaar has a very large stationary fan base with returning visitors. Do you want to be brought to the attention of thousands of airsofters every day? Then Airsoft Bazaar is the place to be!

Facts about Airsoft Bazaar:
1. On average, a visitor is active for 8 minutes on our website.
2. In 2020, more than € 480,000 of used airsoft equipment and replicas were sold.
3. 50% of our visitors come back. Airsoft Bazaar users are very loyal and love the place!
4. The average load time of our website is 800 milliseconds (0.8 seconds).
5. Airsoft Bazaar has an average of 40,000 pageviews per day.

As a business, do you want to build brand awareness or offer products? It's possible. Both stores (web) and airsoft locations and organizations can advertise with us. Please contact us so that we can make a nice personalized offer.


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