Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

How do I create a listing?
You start by creating an account. Without an account you cannot post or respond to advertisements. You create an account by clicking on the log in / register button at the top right of the homepage. After you have entered all your details and we have done a few checks, you can get started! Click on the button “Place advertisement” and follow the steps. If you get stuck in something, let us know, we are happy to look with you.

How do you guarantee the security of the site?
We are committed to making Airsoft Bazaar the safest airsoft marketplace in Europe. This goes beyond an active fight against scammers. For example, we have an automated check with the NABV (dutch airsoft society). Airsoft Bazaar is on its own fully secured server. In addition, it is completely custom written and not based on, for example, WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. We store sensitive data encrypted in the database and we never store payment information.

The website is updated weekly with new features or behind-the-scenes optimizations. During these optimizations, safety is our highest priority. Followed closely by user-friendliness and speed. Did you know that Airsoft Bazaar is one of the fastest airsoft websites in the Netherlands with an average loading time of 0.8 seconds? We are very proud of this!

Can I create multiple accounts?
No, your account is linked to your email address and (for residents of the Netherlands) to your NABV number. You can only have one account per e-mail address / NABV number. It is also not allowed to create multiple accounts. If this happens, it can lead to the banning of one or more accounts.

I cannot create an account. Can you help?
This could mean that an account with your NABV number and / or e-mail address has already been created, or that you live outside the Netherlands, Belgium or France. At the moment, we have deliberately chosen to allow only Dutch, Belgians and French to access the platform. Isn't this the problem? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I send an airsoft replica / weapon by post?
This depends on the country in or to which you send the airsoft gun.

In the Netherlands, as a valid member of the NABV, it is allowed to send an airsoft gun by post to another valid member of the NABV. This may not be sent to Belgium.

In Belgium it is not allowed at all to send or receive an airsoft weapon by post. In Belgium you have to pick up or bring the airsoft gun away.

In France, airsoft guns can be sent freely by post. It is therefore also allowed to ship from the Netherlands to France and back. However, there should be no gas, batteries or other pressure on the weapon when it is shipped. There should also be no BBs in it.

As a Dutch person, can I sell an airsoft gun to a Belgian? Or vice versa?
Hell yes! The requirements in Belgium are 18 years or older. If the buyer or seller therefore identifies himself and proves that he is 18 years or older, this person may buy or sell an airsoft gun. The same also applies to France.

In the Netherlands you must be in possession of a valid NABV membership, this is a pass with the following information: Name, address, date of birth, customer number and year. The year must correspond to the current year. Then the membership is valid. As a Belgian you may then sell to this Dutch person.

Is your question not listed?
Do you have a question but it is not on the list above? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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