Selling tips

Selling tips

With thousands of visitors a day, Airsoft Bazaar is the largest airsoft marketplace in the Netherlands and Belgium. Enough potential buyers for your airsoft gear. Keep the tips below in mind when selling your gear. This way you sell your goods safely and quickly.

Tip 1: Provide as much information as possible in the advertisement
Statistics of Airsoft Bazaar show that advertisements with only 1 line are sold up to 80% less quickly than advertisements with an extensive description of the product. Provide lots of details (upgrades, make, model, etc.). The more complete, the faster it will sell!

Tip 2: Be honest in the information provided
Nobody believes the fairy tales of “only shot in the backyard”, “only saw 1 skirm”, “shoot 100 meters accurately”. The fact that a replica has been used a lot also gives confidence that it is a good replica. So be honest if it is scratched. Take pictures of the damage and mention any defects. This way you prevent problems afterwards.

Tip 3: Photos, photos and more photos
The more pictures the better. But the quality is certainly important. Take pictures with a tilted phone (landscape). Take pictures of markings (features) and damage. Optionally add an action or a mood photo of the object. Ads with 4 photos sell 70% faster on average.

Tip 4: Determine a realistic sales price
Determining a realistic sales price is important. People will not click on your ad if the price is too high. People also often do not take a too high starting price seriously. Are you willing to fail? Then adjust the initial price. This results in more clicks on your ads.

In general, you can take the maxim that a standard second-hand replica is worth 50% to 60% of the suggested retail price. The price can be increased considerably for any upgrades. Therefore always mention the upgrades!

Tip 5: Spelling and formatting
Make sure your ad looks neat and carefully composed. Make sure the spelling is correct. A spelling mistake in the title often prevents potential buyers from clicking. Use formatting such as bold or bullet point to make important information stand out.

Tip 6: Always communicate via Airsoft Bazaar
Always have questions, bids and payments go through Airsoft Bazaar. This way you ensure that everything is in black and white. Unfortunately, we cannot investigate or mediate anything without communication or payment via Airsoft Bazaar.

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