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Airsoft Bazaar makes every effort to bring buyer and seller together in a safe and responsible manner. Payment requests including buyer protection should not be lacking. With buyer protection, you can be sure of a safe purchase.

How does buyer protection work?
Do you want to buy a product that is on Airsoft Bazaar? Then do it with buyer protection. Buyer protection can easily be initiated via the message inbox when you have made a deal. You transfer the money to an intermediary account managed by an external bank (Stripe) on behalf of Airsoft Bazaar. Your money will be held in this intermediary account for 10 working days. Without a counter message, this money will be transferred to the seller. If you have not received a package within 10 business days or the package is different from what you expect, open a dispute with the seller. If you have not received a package, you will receive a refund after verifying the track and trace. If you have received a package, but it deviates so much from your expectations, the money will be held a little longer until you have agreed with the seller to return the package, deduct an amount, or keep the package for the price paid. The money will then be transferred to the seller.
How much does buyer protection cost?
Buyer Protection charges a service charge of €2.00 per purchase + 5% of the total amount.

How are these costs calculated? Here is an example of calculation.
1. The product costs €100.00.
2. 5% of €100.00 is €5.00 + €2.00 service charge. In total, this represents an added value of €7.00.
3. Buyer pays €100.00 + € 7.00 = € 107.00 and is assured of correct shipping and handling.

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