Request for volunteers

We need your help: Volunteers with expertise in the French airsoft world

Airsoft Bazaar, the largest online airsoft community in the Netherlands and Belgium, is seeking one or more passionate volunteers who are deeply familiar with the world of airsoft in France.

What we are looking for:
* In-depth knowledge of the airsoft scene in France.
* French as a native language.
* Strong communication skills in English or Dutch.
* A preference for someone familiar with the online landscape.

Who we are:
Airsoft Bazaar is not just the largest online airsoft community in the Netherlands and Belgium; it’s also a vibrant space where enthusiasts can discover locations, adverts, and forums. Our platform is lovingly and dedicatedly managed by a team of enthusiastic volunteers.

Our mission:
Our goal is clear – Airsoft Bazaar should become the largest airsoft community in France. We're experiencing steady growth, with triple digit new members each month, but we're determined to increase this number and fortify our presence in France.

Are you the individual we’re looking for? Someone who can assist in expanding our community in France and provide our members with an authentic and local experience? We'd love to hear from you!

Please send your motivation to We look forward to collaborating with you and collectively strengthening the French airsoft community!

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