About Airsoft Bazaar

About Airsoft Bazaar

Airsoft Bazaar is the biggest airsoft marketplace in the Netherlands and Belgium with thousands of active members per day. Airsoft Bazaar is also a community that brings airsofters together. You can buy and sell your second-hand airsoft replica or gear on Airsoft Bazaar, get in touch with each other and look up the airsoft locations near you.

Airsoft Bazaar arose from the need to be able to buy or sell used airsoft gear. Websites like marktplaats.nl or secondhand.be do not allow the sale of airsoft weapons. In addition, there was previously an active community on Facebook. However, Facebook has tightened up the rules regarding airsoft considerably, making it no longer possible to offer airsoft guns on Facebook. Although there are some other airsoft marketplaces active in the Netherlands, Belgium or France, we notice that these are often slow, unsafe or unfriendly for users. That is why we founded Airsoft Bazaar, with succes.

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