RFID Domination Timer 2.0 - Hardware, assembled device

RFID Domination Timer 2.0 - Hardware, assembled device

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I am offering for sale RFID Domination Timer (DOMINATOR) 2.0. Fully assembled device. It is a stopwatch in the style of a chess clock, which counts the time for which the active team has been on the point. Suitable for a game with 4 teams, can be modified for only 2 teams. Each team player is equipped with an RFID card or an RFID bracelet. RED, GRE, BLU and ORA (Red, Green, Blue and Orange Team) teams are integrated into the game.

After attaching the tag to the reader, the player occupies the point and tries to keep it for as long as possible. After casting, time is added to the given team up to a maximum resolution of 99 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds. When a team is active on a point, its LED with its affiliation color is also lit.

In addition to a member of the other team, the time counter can also be interrupted by the Referee with his card - he pauses the current time until the moment when the card is re-applied to a member of one of the teams, or the Eraser, which also resets all times.

I deliver together with 30 RFID cards, while 7 cards are reserved for each team, one each for the Referee and the Eraser. I will send by post prepaid second class.

The PCB is fitted with all components. The reader, microcontroller, and display can be replaced in the event of a malfunction by simply pulling it out of the pin strip without the need for soldering. Can be powered via a power bank. Power supply via a 9V battery possible after connecting to certain pins (soldering required).

The PCB contains 6 mounting holes for the possibility of mounting the DOMINATOR on the wall or in wood. 4 of them use the display, can be replaced with a threaded rod.

The device is neither waterproof nor waterproof. Must be operated indoors. The enclosure for the DOMINATOR is not designed. I also supply the .hex file for the microcontroller, so you can upload to the new microcontroller once you change it, but you can also copy it to more devices. So you can create multiple RFID Domination Timers around your Airsoft playground. Each of them will react on the same RFID cards. Firmware is compatible with Arduino Uno, Nano or standalone ATmega328P chip with external 16 MHz oscillator only). I am not sending PCB design, only available for firmware if bought separately.

There is a cut-out in the back of the DOMINATOR through which you can access the potentiometer of the display and control its contrast. It is especially useful if the DOMINATOR is operated in the winter or, conversely, in the heat. It is always necessary to make a contrast correction at a given temperature, otherwise the display is unreadable (you will know that state if it is required.).

The number of cards and bracelets in the system can be increased in the future, while I will have to create the firmware that will support them. There, the price is already individual. Domination Timer supports RFID cards and wristbands of the ISO/IEC 14443-A standard (MiFare 1K), which work at a frequency of 13.56 MHz.

Price does include post fees.


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