SAI Tokyo Marui XDM

SAI Tokyo Marui XDM

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Hi there, i have a custom pistol up for sale.  The base is a tokyo marui xdm, and i have installed a slide set from SAI.  It includes 3 leak free mags with the extended grips, the original magazine base plates, the barrel plug and an extra rubber for a magazine.  I believe i also have the tokyo marui box and original slide and barrel if you want it.
It also come wih the case.

I built this years ago and it has sat in the collection unused as a collection piece.   As such it was test fired after being built, works great and then into storage.  I have tested the magazines and all 3 hold gas.   The only negative is the wear on top of the barrel which is inevitable if you cycle it.  

Id like 350, as the slide alone is close to that, and now its going to be impossible to find.  Factoring in the gun and extras its easily over 550 to get everything into the country.   I dont want any trades, so please do not ask.  Feel free to ask questions


€ 350

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